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Plumas Pines Vacation Homes and Rentals, offers the perfect solution to a special need.  Have you hesitated to own the vacation home you and your family deserve because you don't want to see your property lying dormant when you're not there?  Let us manage your property and turn it into an income source to offset your expenses.  Scores of satisfied clients depend on our service.  You can become one of them.  Contact Ellen at: (530) 836-0444 for more information.

Below is some additional information about our vacation rental program:


PLUMAS PINES VACATION HOMES AND RENTALS                                                                                                                                                            

Plumas Pines Vacation Homes and Rentals was established as the first vacation rental management company in the Plumas Pines area over 30 years ago. Today, we offer our homeowners the experience and industry leading vacation rental management tools that provide you with the confidence that your rental potential is optimized.

As a client of our firm, your home will benefit from the following features that are unmatched by other rental management companies serving the Plumas Pines area:

·         An established list of over 500 rental guests, many who have been coming to Plumas Pines with Family and Friends for over 25 years for vacations.

·         Industry leading online reservation system available to vacation rental guests worldwide:  24 hours per day / 7 days a week. Our site is also cell phone friendly and will load on any device the guest chooses to use to make their online reservation.

INDUSTRY FACT:  Over 40 % of all vacation rentals are booked ONLINE after 8pm.   Our homeowners are the ONLY Vacation Rental Owners in all of Plumas County who receive reservations after 5pm every day of the  week, because we have the only 24/7 online reservation system in the county.

·         Have you ever wondered what your upcoming rental reservations and revenue will be for July or August?

Our online reservation system is OWNER FRIENDLY!  As an owner you can see all your confirmed reservations every day throughout the season on a real time 24/7 basis.

·         With our online owner calendar, you can pre-schedule all of your personal stays, family member or friend stays with all the convenience of your own online owner login.

·         Plumas Pines Vacation Homes and Rentals is the only firm that requires a rental guest to make a 50% advance deposit on a home rental when making a reservation and full payment 30 days prior to the check in date. This improves rental fulfillment and prevents your home from being empty at the last minute on a popular weekend.

·         Have you ever had accidental damages in your home from a rental guest?   Our firm is the only firm that requires that each guest prepay for an accidental damage insurance policy that pays for up to $1500.00 in accidental damage.   (Wine spills, pet stains, damaged walls and windows or anything that is accidental in nature).

·       We are the only vacation rental company that offers travel insurance for our guests.  This travel insurance is paid by the guest.  It provides coverage in case of an event or illness that causes a cancelation of the reservation; this travel insurance returns the full rental payment to the guest and you receive your prepaid rent regardless of the guest cancelation.

·         New in 2014.  We began working with a leader in HD photography for the vacation rental industry.  We are the only company in the Graeagle/Plumas Pines area to take advantage of this amazing professional photography and software for our vacation rental properties and our web site.  Our goal is to continue to be the leader in our industry in Graeagle/Plumas Pines.

We require signed rental agreements from each paying guest.  Would you like to see a copy of the "rules of enjoyment" that guests sign for?  This increases guest satisfaction, owner protection and peace of mind.  

NEW in 2017, guest reviews.  Most guest will no longer make a reservation without first checking out online reviews of the property and the management company.  

·         We are also the only vacation rental company who has chosen to be a member of VRMA – Vacation Rental Management Association.  Plumas Pines Vacation Homes and Rentals has been a member since 2011.

·         Our rental rates are competitive and are individually priced to recognize the value and strengths of each home.  

·         Our company provides the only Pool facility for our homeowners and guests.  This pool is exclusive use for homeowners on our program and our vacation rental guests.   Your guests can enjoy this because you as a homeowner on our vacation rental program are a Rec Center season pass holder.

We believe in great partnership between homeowners and our vacation rental company. We would like to visit with you about the possibility of becoming your rental management company or if you would like to consider placing your home on a rental management program for the first time,  we would appreciate hearing from you.  Give us a call so we can set an appointment with you to talk about our program and for us to see your home!


Ellen D. Cantrell


Plumas Pines Vacation Homes and Rentals


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