Climate and Weather

Welcome to our little corner of the Sierra. The following weather information is provided to help you prepare for your upcoming vacation in the Graeagle Area. It's good to remember that mountain weather is always changeable, so regardless of the climatological averages and even the most current forecast, the weather here can change quickly. Your best bet for clothing all year is multiple layers!
Summer: July and August (and sometimes early September) are the warmest months with some daily highs above 90 degrees. With the exception of a few days each summer, the evenings cool down beautifully and mornings, even in the heat of the summer, can be quite cool. June is typically cooler, although we have had some very warm Junes.

Fall: Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons in this area. Daytime highs can be as warm as high 70s to low 80s depending on the year. Even with warm daytime highs, when the sun goes down it cools off rapidly. Mornings can be very crisp, even down to the teens.

Winter: Wouldn't we like to be able to predict our winter weather! Some winters it's rain, rain, rain, some winters there is little precipitation and some winters we shovel snow for months! There seems to be little consistency. Your best bet is to check the current forecast and bring clothing for +/- 25 degrees from that.

Spring: And if we think winter is hard to predict, spring is even more of a challenge. March and early April can be very snowy, and we can see hard frosts and snow even into early June. There will be some warm days and some wet days. Again, your best bet is to layer up!

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